Join the game and conquer space!
Free Play-to-Earn Game
Binance smart chain
Join the game and conquer space!
Free Play-to-Earn Game
Binance smart chain
Become the owner of a space NFT ship
The game strategy depends on you: colonize planets in search of valuable resources or raid other colonizers
4 races, 5 specialities, 13+ special abilities, 100+ skins, and more
Edit the interior, expand the rooms, and change the exterior. Sell it on the NFT market
Items of your team members - individually and available in-game
Hire and upgrade your team
Decide what your ship will be like
Freely create NFT character combinations for sale
Only you choose how to earn:
3 modes of progress and fun
Compete with friends and other players in the big arena and space

There are many adventurers in space who are jealous of your success. Prepare to defend yourself: your ship can be attacked at any moment!
The technical one takes it all!
Improve techniques, freely explore the mining planets, master ore and exchange it for cryptocurrency
Choose your development path
Bosses invite you to planets
Enemies and environments are unique to each location - the battle's outcome depends only on your tactical talent

Take on the challenge of other captains
The technical one takes it all!
Loot and characters are freely available to you.
You can create an NFT character and put a price on the market.
Let's see how far you can go

Explore endless space and planets, upgrade your ship, rob and raid
Choose your platform and explore space
Space anytime, anywhere at your fingertips
Earn and play on your phone, computer
Total supply of tokens in the game
The game is free and requires no investment
In-game tokens available for exchange
IDO- 10%
Privat Sale- 5%
Partners - 10%
Marketing - 10%
Team - 12%
Play to Earn - 28%
Ecosystem - 25%
Game Art Design and Development
Game design document
DEMO game play (PC/Android/IOS)
PVE mode
Mining mode
Pvp Arena Mode
Tokenomics and Token Utility
Building work on the BSC blockchain network (testnet)
Create NFT personas
Pre-seed round
Release of new characters
Release equipment for mining
Bonus and achievement system
Global Space Map release
Updates and release of new ships with additional loot
Clans and rankings
PvP ship capture mode
Beta gameplay for the community
Migration of blockchain network to (Mainnet)
NFT Withepaper Marketplace
Public sale and listing (IDO) Smart contract audit
Referral system "Invite-to-Earn"
Release of new ships and NFT exchange mechanics
NFT Builder
Full version gameplay (PC/Android/IOS)
Cyber sports season 1
Updates and release equipment for mining
Airdrop rewards system integration
Updating of new features, achievements and prizes
WEB development launch
Start of development on PS5, Xbox
take a Look at our plans and goals
Q3-Q4 2023
q1-q2 2023
Q1-Q2 2024
pre - seed
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